Wave Soldering

Small, mid-sized or large production volumes - single-sided THT boards or highly complex mixed assemblies. At SEHO you will find most innovative machine technique combined with comprehensive process know how.


Compact – but with the Technology of Large Systems

The wave soldering system GoWave is a powerful soldering system for those just entering into mass-soldering operations. The system is suited for electronic productions with small or medium-sized volumes and also provides an economic solution for universities, schools and laboratories. A special feature of this machine is its compact, but performance-oriented design. It therefore allows an economical, automatic wave soldering process at simultaneously low costs.
The design of the GoWave provides the same basic technology found in SEHO’s large wave soldering machines. Offering a fluxing module, an efficient and powerful preheater, an innovative soldering area and an up-to-date control, this system presents the finest soldering technology in its class.

Your Advantages at a Glance:
- flexible and powerful with minimum footprint
- soldering width up to 340 mm
- flexible and robust conveyor system for processing of soldering frames
- efficient control unit
- easy and convenient operation with touch screen and USB interface
- precise CAN bus motors
-innovative fluxer area with HVLP technology (high volume – low pressure)
- powerful preheat with programmable stop
- up-to-date solder nozzle geometries
- 100 % lead-free capable

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SEHO PowerWave

The Powerful Systems for Medium to Large Production Volumes

With the wave soldering system PowerWave, SEHO consequently realized a machine concept which offers a remarkable performance at simultaneously low investment costs. The PowerWave has been designed for medium to large production series and is ideally suited for lead-free applications. Complex SMD boards are as reliably soldered as conventional assemblies – due to up-to-date solder nozzle geometries and a flexible preheat area. The modular construction of SEHO PowerWave offers the ideal concept for all production requirements and allows the machine to be integrated into existing fully automated lines.

Your Advantages at a Glance:
-outstanding and compact machine design, technically equipped like the large systems
-flexible configuration, tailored to suit your production requirements
-ATS spray fluxer for a cost-saving and precise flux deposition
-variable and powerful preheat area with convection, infrared and quartz
-individually configurable soldering area – ideally suited for lead-free applications
-new and up-to-date single or dual solder nozzle technology for SMT and THT assemblies
-local nitrogen inertion of the solder waves
-up-to-date control unit with PC for easy and quick programming
-with flexible solder frame conveyor, or finger conveyor for direct -processing of PCBs or solder masks
-two basic versions available: PowerWave 3.0 with four preheat zones and 1200 mm preheat length [47.2″] PowerWave 4.0 with six preheat zones and 1800 mm preheat length [70.8″]

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SEHO PowerWave N2

Designed to Reduce Your Production Costs

The nitrogen wave soldering system SEHO PowerWave N2 is designed for medium to large-sized production volumes and particularly puts a focus on optimizing your production quality while minimizing the manufacturing costs. While featuring comparatively low investment cost and minimum operating expenses, the system offers ideal value for money, thus ensuring high profitability. The system is ideally suited for both, lead-containing and lead-free soldering processes. Based on SEHO‘s leading nitrogen technology, demanding surface mount assemblies are as perfectly soldered as through-hole assemblies. This is accomplished with the innovative tunnel concept, individually in speed controllable conveyor segments, the reproducible flux application, the modular preheat configuration and the up-to-date soldering area which leaves nothing to be desired.

Your Advantages at a Glance:
- energy-efficient nitrogen tunnel
- reduced-consumption, innovative fluxer concept with flux quantity - monitoring system
- flexible preheat configuration (1800 mm) with convection modules, infrared modules and quartz modules
- high-end soldering area ensures perfect and reliable solder connections
- automatic height adjustment of the solder nozzles
- pass-through optimization with separated conveyor segments and automated sectorial soldering processes
- efficient rest oxygen measurement
- up-to-date control unit
- continuous monitoring of all machine data and process parameters

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Flexible and Future-Oriented – Wave Soldering to its Perfection

Based on SEHO’s leading nitrogen technology, the precision and high-quality machine tooling as well as the modular design, the nitrogen wave soldering system MWS 2300 is the high end wave soldering system which leaves nothing to be desired and which can be adapted to every particular manufacturing task. The low consumption fluxer system, the innovative and individually configurable preheat area, the soldering area that is designed for maximum quality of soldering results, the up-to-date control unit and several functions for automated process control are only some of the many features of MWS 2300.

Your Advantages at a Glance:
- low operation costs due to minimum nitrogen consumption and energy-efficient tunnel concept
- efficient rest oxygen measurement with quick reaction to changing process conditions
- fluxer with HVLP technology (high volume – low pressure) for remarkable reduction of flux consumption
- individually configurable preheat area from 1800 mm [70.8″] length to 3300 mm [129.9″]
- maximum efficiency with the new and innovative pulsar preheat modules - an effective convection preheat guarantees homogeneous and component-sensitive heating of assemblies
- soldering area with innovative nozzle concepts – designed for highest quality
- the programmable sectorial soldering process provides a large process window and maximum flexibility
- absolutely unique: an integrated and temperature-controlled cooling module cools the assemblies thus helping to improve the metallurgical structure of the solder joints
- a process gas cleaning unit minimizes maintenance and ensures high machine availability
- modern control unit that guarantees highest productivity and allows easy operation
- integrated functions for automated process control, such as automatic exhaust control, flux consumption monitoring, solder level control and many more

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