Privacy Policy

1.This Privacy Policy is an integral part of Terms and Condition of Use and the User shall agree that he/she have read and understood and agreed to be bound by this Privacy Policy by accepting Terms and Conditions of Use and/or use/access any of Malini Electronics SRL contents/services on the Platform.

2. This Privacy Policy contains terms of use, disclosure and collection of User information.

3. The User shall provide certain information (including but not limited to name, surname, e-mail). Malini Electronics SRL takes necessary measures in order to protect the referred information; do not sell or trade the referred information; only uses in the manners specified herein. On the other hand, Malini Electronics SRL shall give no guarantees for protection against any unauthorized use or disclosure of such information. The Users is obliged to protect and keep their personal information confidential. Malini Electronics SRL shall not be responsible for any damage, loss, cost or any adverse outcome in relation to such unauthorized use or disclosure.

4. The User’s profile, language skills and/or user name are displayed in order to facilitate Users interaction and for managing Malini Electronics SRL services. Except invitation of friends and certain notification, a User’s e-mail address is not shared/displayed.

5. The Users may communicate with each other in relation to translation services via comments section on the Platform, without disclosing their contact information (including but not limited to, phone number, Google Talk, MSN Messenger)

6. Since any disclosed/shared information on the Platform becomes “public information”, the Users have to be careful about disclosing their personal information. Malini Electronics SRL may disclose Client Materials to potential Translators, for the sole purpose of allowing him/her to preview the content in order to decide whether to engage Translation Order. In this regard, the Users are solely responsible for editing or removing any confidential or personally identifiable information in Client Materials if the Users do not want to disclose that information.

7. Malini Electronics SRL may archive and store User information, including personal information in relation to services provided on the Platform. The stored information will not ordinarily be deleted even if a User deletes his/her account. However, Malini Electronics SRL assumes no obligation and guarantee to archive/store the referred information and do not warrant that the referred information will later be made available to the respective User.

8. Personal Information of Users may be used for advertising, marketing, improvement/enhancement/operation of services, research, statistical analysis, auditing and for any other communication activities.

9. Malini Electronics SRL may not share User information with third parties except the following cases. Malini Electronics SRL may share User information with Translators for providing translation services, pursuant to lawful requests of courts and other legal authorities, in order to comply with law or to protect its rights / interests / property / services / Platform. if Malini Electronics SRL assigns or transfers its rights, warrants or obligations to any third party, which does not reference individually identifiable Users, for the purposes stated in Article 9.

10. Following the notification and the written consent of the User, Malini Electronics SRL and/or other third parties which have contractual relationship with Malini Electronics SRL may inform and introduce new services, promotions, campaigns or any similar matters for advertising and informative purposes via SMS and/or e-mail or any other communication tool, in relation to the Platform and its contents/services. If the User shall not give consent for the referred notifications, the User may inform Malini Electronics SRL accordingly about his/her demand to quit from the membership assigned for advertising and informative purposes on the Platform. On the other hand, Malini Electronics SRL reserves its right to notify Users in relation to announcements about services, management of services.

11. For any matter, which is not specified herein, Terms and Conditions of Use shall apply.