When you are searching for innovative ideas, SEHO is your partner: The automated optical inspection system SEHO PowerVision has been developed particularly for the inspection of THT solder joints and ideally can be integrated into nearly all Selective Soldering Systems from SEHO.

Your Advantages

- highest quality of your products – non-wetting or insufficient wetting, missing pins, bridges, washed-off SMD components or solder balls will automatically be detected
- remarkable cost reduction as the complete handling of the assemblies will be performed by the axis system of the selective soldering machine
- no additional floor space required
- short cycle times due to multi-spectral lighting concept and short image capturing time
- low pseudo defect rate and virtually no non-detected defects
- easy and quick programming due to a common user interface for the soldering program and the test program as well as a comprehensive, individually extendable component library
- integrated “heat map” and statistic tools allow fast and targeted optimization of the production process
- database-supported software architecture ensures completely traced processes